A career that’s taking off

Posted: Fri, 25th October 2019

Western Chances alumnus, Vu Long Tran (Long), graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Melbourne and is now working as a graduate at Jetstar.

A career that’s taking off

“Throughout high school, Western Chances … helped me with a myriad of schooling costs. During university, it was a safety net that allowed me to dedicate more time to my studies, taking care of my mum, and gave me a bit of leeway to volunteer.”

Long shares more about his two year grad position at Jetstar:  “Over the last six months I’ve been given the reins on four separate projects across the ancillary space.  Projects include reducing our waste footprint and creating new forms of in-flight entertainment
“I also had an awesome opportunity to go to Singapore and China to work with our off shore development team. My co-workers and managers have been nothing short of amazing and I have learnt so much from them!” 

Long is also a part of our scholarship team for advice and review (STAR) and is enjoying contributing to Western Chances’ evolution.  “Being a part of STAR has been a blast. I love that the members of the committee are similar in that we’re all driven to empower young people and create amazing outcomes for the Western Chances recipients. Yet, at the same time we’re all so different, coming from various backgrounds and all pursuing something unique in our own lives.”

Long’s favourite memory from Western Chances is receiving an email from our Program Manager, Anne Connors, advertising the ‘Dual Identity Leadership Program’, which ignited his passion for volunteering.
“It’s a program that focuses on understanding your dual identity. On top of that, it’s designed to build your capability as a leader and learning to lead your own way. The program helped me transition from a shy and awkward high school boy to someone who has a better grasp of who they are and where their passions lie.

“After completing the 2016 program, I joined the Steering committee in 2017 to run the program for new participants. 2018 gave me an opportunity to Chair the Alumni Committee and support all of the alumni who had graduated from the program. Now in 2019, I’ve accepted a role as the secretary for the Executive committee of the Vietnamese Community in Australia - Victorian chapter” 

Long’s big dream for the future is to shape a society where education is readily available for all:  “My big dream for the future is a world where all young people are able to pursue their passions and interests. A world where education is valued and is a privilege that everyone can access.  Enabling young people to be in the best position to make the choices that best fit their needs.  “Australia is truly a land of opportunity and if we can continue to bring others with us as we develop, we’ll look toward a much brighter future for everybody.”

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