Nominator Profile: A lifetime in the west supporting young people

Posted: Tue, 12th December 2017 | Written by: The Team at Western Chances

Student enrichment coordinator Christine Warke has been working at Kurunjang Secondary College for 30 years. In that time, her passion for supporting students from all walks of life hasn’t waned one bit.

Nominator Profile: A lifetime in the west supporting young people

Each year Christine completes between 30 and 40 scholarship applications for either new or renewal scholarships for students from Kurunjang Secondary College. It’s a time consuming task, but for her the effort is well worth the time.

“Even if my students aren’t successful in getting a scholarship, the act of connecting with them through the process puts them on my radar and helps me to look out for new opportunities for them.”

Christine first found out about the Western Chances scholarship just after the organisation was founded. She has regularly nominated students every year since.

“I have a great belief in young people,” she says “but not all of my students have the same opportunities. The great thing about Western Chances is the new opportunities that it opens for them. Not just the scholarships themselves. This year Western Chances sponsored some students to the VCE summer school. We’ve had students involved in the Doxa program and have been connected with local businesses.”

Born in Yarraville, Christine moved to Melton when she started her family; “I knew I wanted enough space for a few children. I now have four successful children and nine grandchildren.”

Her passion for supporting young people expands beyond the Western Chances scholarship program. Christine is also responsible for the school’s breakfast program which sees both high school and primary school students pitching in for a healthy start to the day. She is also very active in her Church’s youth programs.

Christine has all the time in the world for Western Chances which she says is an inspiration not just for the students but parents, too.

“I see how the program helps parents get more involved in their children’s education. The scholarship award ceremony in particular is such a special night for everyone.”

While Christine knows that for many educators, finding the time to nominate lots of students for applications might seem challenging, she believes that it is well and truly worth it.

“At our school, if each teacher were to nominate just 1 or 2 students, we’d be able to make such a big difference to the students.”

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