A passion to inspire through storytelling

Posted: Mon, 30th September 2019

Milana Markovic-Matovic is a year 10 scholarship recipient who has participated in classes at the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA), the National Theatre and Western Edge Youth Arts.

A passion to inspire through storytelling

She seeks to inspire through her performances and Western Chances allows her to develop her passion:

“A Western Chances scholarship helps me continue my education and discover great opportunities as an actor and artist, despite financial barriers ... I’m able to continue learning at The National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA), and hone my craft which can allow me to soon take the stepping stones towards working professionally in the industry.”

Milana has always had a passion for acting – creating and editing films featuring her toys when she was young, reflecting her lively imagination. Her love for acting has only grown as she’s gone on to act in numerous theatre performances such as “After Kafka” and “Coriolanus” with The Hartwell Players Inc.

“It was a joy to meet and be in an environment with people who are so dedicated, talented and inspiring. I got to experience the whole process of auditions, scheduling, read-throughs, rehearsals, dress/tech runs, call times and performances. Everyone became close like a family, all doing warm-ups together before a show!”

She enjoys the rewarding feeling of the creative process and the sense of identity and voice the arts provides: “When I am up on that stage in front of an audience, I am showcasing all the hard work my fellow artists and I have put into creating the production, and I feel a sense of purpose because I play a character who has a story to tell and a message to bring to the audience.”

Milana has big dreams for the future and hopes to take her acting to the next level.

“My big dream for the future is to continue constantly learning and improving myself by working with creative, talented and inspiring people, and to be doing what I love... I aspire to work professionally in the industry as an actor and storyteller, to work on incredible projects and meet great people.”

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