Acting career is no drama for scholarship recipient

Posted: Mon, 26th November 2018 | Written by: The Team at Western Chances

Having developed her creativity from a young age, Laura Davis has already proven to be a talented visual artist and actor. She draws inspiration from performers who care about their work and communicate honestly through expressive artforms. Always making the most of opportunities that come her way, Laura works hard on her craft and is excited to take on more creative roles.

Acting career is no drama for scholarship recipient

A 20 year old student in her third year of a Bachelor of Acting, Laura will be finishing her studies this year. Already, the life of a creative artist and performer is suiting Laura down to the ground.

“I live in beautiful Ballarat in order to attend uni five days a week. The workload is rough but I've learned so much and grown immeasurably since beginning my degree in 2016. I'm also a visual artist, specifically a drawer and painter, and a musician. I do some life-modelling at the art gallery when I can. I also recently co-wrote, directed and performed with my uni friend in a student theatre piece about dealing with anger and mental illness as women. We got to pour fake blood over ourselves and smash sugar glass on stage.”

Laura started acting with Stage School Australia at  the age of 14 and continued throughout high school. She’s even been an extra in ABC's "The Time of Our Lives".

“Western Chances gave me the opportunity to sing Christmas carols at Hello Music Carols by Daylight at the Deakin Edge Theatre back in 2014. At university, I've performed in Greek tragedy "Agamemnon", Australian political comedy "The Time is Not Yet Ripe", my dream play "A Midsummer Night's Dream" by Shakespeare, and been an adaptor and performer of Anton Chekhov's short stories in "The Chekhov Project".”

We love that we can play a role in opening doors for our scholarship recipients and Laura has definitely grabbed every opportunity to showcase her talents.

“Western Chances has been supporting me since I was in high school and they are invaluable to me. Their support means I can afford to purchase uni books, show tickets and art supplies. Not only do they allow me to fulfil my academic dreams, but they also know me on a personal level, which is incredible. I feel like I have connections for life with Western Chances. They are not just a company, but a team of people who want to help others follow their dreams and goals to the best of their ability. For me, education is extremely important, and because of Western Chances' assistance, I've been able to succeed in mine.”

Laura recently joined Western Chances CEO Rhyll Dorrington to enjoy a performance of Mamma Mia.

“Mamma Mia was fantastic! The set was exquisite and the cast was huge, but most of them were ensemble dancers. I train in jazz and tap at university so it was eye-opening to see how our dance skills can help us in the industry. I'm extremely grateful for Western Chances' support, without which I wouldn't be able to have these opportunities. Musicals just reiterate how important voice and breath are - things you normally wouldn't even consider in everyday life! I loved spending time with Rhyll also. The experience overall was enjoyable and informative; I learned a lot about how corporate functions work!”

It's exciting to see how this dedicated scholarship recipient is pursuing a career that she’s so passionate about. Her love of acting began while watching Charlton Heston films with her parents, in country Victoria. She now draws her inspiration from a broad cross-section of artists and performers.

“I'm extremely fond of Tim Curry and his incredible body of work, including his lesser-known musical career. Rami Malek is also very close to my heart, as well as Jemima Kirke, who - like me - is a visual-artist-turned-actress. She speaks so honestly about mental health, love, failure and life from a woman's perspective. I've never seen her perform in anything, but she is someone I look up to as an artist and as a woman. Ultimately I love watching performers who care about their work and portray experiences honestly. I have so much respect for anyone who's ever studied an acting degree; nobody else will ever understand what it's like!”

Laura’s big dream for the future includes doing another degree and she’d love to incorporate big travel plans.

“I'm now a trained actor, but I'm also an artist, so I'd love to do something with both of those skills. I would like to travel the world and work overseas in the future. Being in an Immersive Theatre production is definitely a goal I have. In the next five years, I'm aiming to improve at piano and tap, develop my vinyl collection, get some chooks again, visit New Zealand with my parents, help my mum grow her garden, and learn to sculpt stone. I know that there's so much tea left to drink and so many doors that will open for me. Right now, I'm focusing on living in and enjoying the moment without worrying about the future, a skill I learned from my degree!”

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