Scholarship recipient striving for a career advancing technology

Posted: Mon, 2nd April 2018 | Written by: The Team at Western Chances

Scholarship recipient, Simon Tchou has excelled in his studies after a demanding year 11, winning one of Australia's top education awards.

Scholarship recipient striving for a career advancing technology

We were excited recently to hear of Simon’s recent academic achievements where he was awarded several honours including the Caltex Best All-rounder Award. This award acknowledges students’ all-round contributions to their schools and communities - not just in academic pursuits, but also personal conduct, attitude, leadership and service.
“I was ecstatic to receive these awards. With each one, it allows me to recognise that I am making progress throughout the year which I’m proud of. Also, the feeling of being acknowledged for the hard work I put in is extremely flattering and only motivates me to strive for more.”
Tackling Year 11 studies last year had given Simon the burst of motivation he needed. He had worked hard to complete his Psychology units and was surprised at the challenging workload.

“I experienced the level of difficulty that VCE is and realised the effort I needed to put in this year, to succeed.”
Simon set high targets to push himself closer to his dream career in technology, choosing to study English, Math Methods, Specialist Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics in VCE.
While some may be intimidated by such a big workload, Simon has always enjoyed learning new things and feels driven to utilise his academic potential to its limit. He acknowledges that the Western Chances Scholarship has helped him to stay focussed.

“Western Chances has encouraged me to try harder. Because of Western Chances, teachers and my family that support me, I want to try my best to not let them down.”
Simon received his first Western Chances scholarship when he was in Year 8 in 2014 when he was nominated by his teacher and librarian as a talented academic all-rounder. He was awarded computer and IT accessories, fees toward home internet and textbooks. Simon was successful in having his scholarship renewed in in 2015, 2016 and 2017 and has received funding to pay for MYKI, stationery, a graphics calculator and a laptop computer.
“Western Chances has relieved stress off me and my family worrying about financial costs.”

In addition to the financial scholarship, Western Chances also connected Simon with the Spark Engineering Camp which was a new and exciting experience for him.

“The opportunity of being able to meet university students, visit and tour universities was a unique and educational experience. It showed me all the different types of engineering there are and improved my team working and social skills.”

Finding a window into the world of engineering beyond high school has inspired Simon to set a new goal for himself.

“In the future, I would like to study Mechatronics Engineering. I have always been interested in technology and my dream is to have a job which makes advancements in technology useful to the world.”

We are thrilled with Simon’s recent achievements and look forward to continuing to support him into the future.

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