Big Dreams for women in Melbourne’s west

Written by: The Team at Western Chances

Today is International Women’s Day. Each year Western Chances supports hundreds of young people, including some amazing, passionate and motivated young women as part of our scholarships program.

Big Dreams for women in Melbourne’s west

Over the past few years we have been telling their stories. Each time we ask the recipients to share their big dreams with us. 

Natasha Jones, disability speaker and student, first scholarship 2011

“I would either like to be a social worker or to go and become a public speaker which I do some of already. I could see myself running groups helping people with disability to have safe and appropriate relationships with other people.

I think able bodied people see people with disability as seeing completely different but we aren’t that different. We have the same thoughts, feelings, dreams and desires that you do we just look different on the outside.”

Lien To, student, first scholarship 2015

“Nowadays, we all speak of changing the world for a better place, but none of us are willing to change ourselves first. Through engineering I’ve had a small glimpse of the boundless possibilities of things that we can do that will transform the future.”

Felix Palmerson, contemporary dancer and student, first scholarship 2008

“I try not to narrow things down too far ahead because I still have so much growth and learning to do and I like to be open to anything. However, performing is definitely what I am most passionate about and I’d love to have the opportunity to tour internationally someday.”

Tayla Muir, actress and student, first scholarship 2013

“My big dream for the future is to perform in professional shows around Australia and maybe one day overseas on the west end or Broadway. You have to dream big!”

Danielle Farrah, student, first scholarship 2015

My Big Dream is not for the future, but to be living for today. My thoughts and acts in the moment create my future. The outline of my future path already exists, because I created its pattern in my past. I would like to see myself becoming an international ambassador for change, graduating University with a degree and giving back to the community. That is my ultimate dream. 

Images courtesy of Natasha Jones/Lien To/Felix Palmerson/Tayla Muir/Danielle Farrah

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