College Captain & scholarship recipient takes leadership in her stride

Posted: Thu, 17th August 2017 | Written by: The Western Chances Team

Makayla Cradock is a Western Chances scholarship recipient who has grasped opportunities for personal growth with both hands. Taking on new challenges has become a habit for this inspirational young leader.

College Captain & scholarship recipient takes leadership in her stride

Growing up in Werribee, Makayla received her first Western Chances Scholarship in year 9 while still deciding what subjects to study through high school. Her subjects included commerce, legal, business, drama, sociology, psychology, and maths.

While Makayla studied a wide range of subjects including commerce, business, psychology and maths, it was her aptitude for drama that helped her stand out, and the scholarship enabled her to undergo a week-long drama program at the Melbourne Theatre Company.

“From then on I've seized every opportunity Western Chances has given me, from walking the Kokoda Track to attending Lady Somers Camp,” she says.

The Lord and Lady Somers Camp is a partner of Western Chances, enabling scholarship recipients to further their personal development through connection with others. “The Big Camp” assists young people to develop communication and leadership skills, improve decision-making abilities, and increase self-confidence and self-esteem through participation in diverse group activities.

“Lady Somers Camp was an amazing experience that I would recommend to anyone,” Makayla says. “It pushes you to lead and follow, to take charge when needed and know when to step back and listen to someone else. Lady Somers Camp and Western Chances provided me the opportunity to grow and learn with other young and inspiring women.

Makayla has drawn on these opportunities to build her confidence within herself and as a public speaker. So much so, Makayla applied for and successfully achieved the support needed to become a school College Captain for 2017.

“This added leadership does take its toll on school but it's allowing me to have a perception on what life may be like outside of high school with more responsibilities.”

From planning high school events to whole school events, Makayla says there is never a dull moment as a College Captain. “Everyone always looks to you for the next thing to come,” she says.

Makayla says that Western Chances has played a big role in giving her the confidence to take on her extra leadership responsibilities.

“Western Chances has helped give me that little extra push I need to get out in the world and try new things. To raise my hand and say, ‘Yes I want to try that.’ They have helped me achieve things, see things and do things I never would have dreamed of being able to do without their help, support and encouragement. I owe much of my growth as a person to the organisation as they have allowed me to expand my world and my views.”

Like many of our scholarship recipients, Makayla’s personal growth, through her self-drive and determination has given her a mature perspective on the future.

“My big dream for the future is to be happy. To find myself, be comfortable in myself and be proud of myself. 2017 has been one of the hardest years of my life but at the end of it I just want to be those three things because if I am those three things then I've done something right and I can go on to do great things that I know I can do.”

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