Graduate role prompts interstate move for driven scholarship recipient

Posted: Mon, 27th August 2018 | Written by: The Team at Western Chances

Many would find a new job daunting enough, but this young graduate relishes the challenge of starting her next chapter in a new city.

Graduate role prompts interstate move for driven scholarship recipient

Western Chances scholarship recipient, Jane Le, recently moved to Canberra to take up a full-time graduate position at PwC Australia. She’s very excited to be embarking on the next chapter of life after six years of university study.

“Moving away from home to a new city, looking after myself without family for the first time, I know there will be challenges ahead but I am looking forward to seeing how much I learn about myself and where I will be in a year’s time!”

With Jane’s track record of working hard to follow her passions, we are also very excited to see what the coming year holds.

On the way to earning a graduate role, Jane completed a Master of Public Health in 2017 and, prior to that, a Bachelor of Biomedicine.

“Throughout high school I was always interested in global health. In particular, disparities in health between developed and developing countries as well as women's and children's health and sexual and reproductive health.”

Jane built up her knowledge and skills through pursuing development opportunities around university studies, while also contributing to the community.

“I was able to gain greater experience and insight into my areas of interest through volunteering at Sunshine Hospital, Marie Stopes Australia and in my work as an administrative assistant at a neurosurgeon's clinic.

Juggling university studies and work presents enough challenges for young students who are striving to achieve the best results. However, Jane was also determined to earn practical experience to position herself well for a graduate role. Western Chances has supported Jane to pursue additional opportunities.
Jane received her first Western Chances scholarship when she was in the first year of her Masters of Public Health when she was nominated by her lecturer for academic talent  and  leadership. Jane has received funding for MYKI, internet fees, stationery and to attend a leadership program.
“The Western Chances scholarship allowed me to invest more time in volunteering in the community and funded my participation in a leadership program for personal development. I was able to spend less time at work and more time studying and applying for work and graduate roles.

“My university experience has been enriched as I was able to involve myself in diverse opportunities with less financial burden.”

Jane’s experience of personal struggles allowed her to grow and she says it is these challenges that build our resilience.

“There are so many challenges that we face that are often out of our control. My advice would be to accept the things that you cannot change and to have courage to change the things you can. It is often best to focus on what we can control. Recognising what it is that I can do myself or with the help of others, lifts the weight of other factors that I do not need to concern myself about.

“When I face difficult times, I think about how grateful I am for the love and care of my family, friends and colleagues and the opportunities that have been afforded to me. Gratitude for what I have clears my thinking and encourages me to persevere through my temporary hardship. There are better days ahead, if I resolve to make sure there will be.”

Jane’s mature perspective will help her tackle the challenges ahead making a new career in a new city.

“I love learning more about the place that I live in and meeting people with diverse experiences and backgrounds. As such, I am planning to continue to be involved in my community and volunteering where I can engage with and offer my time and skills to help those around me.

“I dream of contributing to work at an intergovernmental organisation, working towards solutions that will improve global health, tackle inequality and empower communities to lift themselves out of poverty.  I really want to see the work that I do, having transformative impacts on the way we live and enhancing people's capacity to reach their fullest potential.”

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