Nominator spotlight: From student to Year 12 coordinator at Braybrook College

Posted: Mon, 29th April 2019 | Written by: Fizz Dakin

Mirsadet Osmani has been a teacher at Braybrook College for 16 years. ‘I am currently the Year 12 Coordinator and have been with my cohort of students since they were in Year 8, so I’ve seen them grow into fine young adults. I teach English and EAL. I have always lived in the West’.

Interestingly Mirsadet also attended Braybrook College as a student. A love of reading and books along with some excellent teachers inspired her to join the profession and become an English / EAL teacher.

Nominator spotlight: From student to Year 12 coordinator at Braybrook College

‘I always loved reading. I eagerly anticipated getting to the end of a book, although it was a little bitter-sweet as it also meant nearing the end of a journey, turning that last page and then thinking about all the lessons I had learnt. I had some amazing teachers who fostered not only a love of reading but also an overall love of learning. I knew that I wanted to help others, so I combined all these elements and teaching seemed to be an obvious option’.

Mirsadet first heard about Western Chances through the Braybrook College Wellbeing coordinator who is always sharing opportunities for students with the year level coordinators.

Having worked closely with the same students over the years has given her the ability to engage with them in not only academic conversations but also to get to know them on a holistic level. ‘These types of conversations inevitably lead to a better understanding of what a young person is going through at any given time on their journey through adolescence. So, this is how I have been able to identify young people who may be needing assistance but it’s important to note, that I have also been able to celebrate accomplishments in my role and acknowledge students with outstanding work ethic’.

Mirsadet has some advice on for others wanting to nominate a student for a scholarship:
‘Get to know your students. They all have lives outside of our classroom and although our primary focus is on teaching and learning, this can only happen when a student has everything else in their life in order so that they can prioritise learning. If they are working three jobs to support themselves and come late to school because they are tired, then find this information out’.

She also has some advice for a young person who might be experiencing barriers to fulfilling their dreams; ‘Never, ever think that you are alone and never, ever think you cannot achieve your dreams. Have a goal, work hard, ask for help when you need it and know that you will achieve whatever you set your mind to’. 

Many of us have Big Dreams for the future and Misradet was happy to share her dream with us:  ‘My big dream for the future is to see all young people find purpose, no matter what their cultural or socio-economic background may be. Where you live and where you come from should not stop anyone from striving for excellence. We live in a society that offers many opportunities for young people and I hope that these opportunities continue to inspire and motivate young people to actively seek fulfilling lives’.

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