Outstanding Year 12 completion Western Chances Scholarship Recipients

Posted: Thu, 30th March 2017 | Written by: The Team at Western Chances

A scholarship from Western Chances helps talented and motivated young people fulfil their potential. We do this by removing financial barriers so that students can buy essential items to help them remain in education.

Outstanding Year 12 completion Western Chances Scholarship Recipients

One way to measure the success of our scholarship program, and the success of our recipients, is through year 12 completion rates.
Destination statistics for scholarship recipients completing year 12 are compiled annually with consistently excellent results.
In 2016, 111 Western Chances scholarship recipients studied VCE or equivalent. We are proud to report that 99% per cent of the 110 we were able to contact successfully completed the school year.
The outstanding results of our scholarship recipients reflect not only their hard work and dedication to their education, but the important role our scholarships play in keeping young people engaged in the education system.
In total, 96 per cent of our Year 12 Western Chances scholarship recipients were offered places in tertiary institutions, training or employment. Of the 96%:

  • 79 were offered places in degree courses
  • 11 recipients were offered places in diploma courses
  • 6 recipients were offered places in certificate courses

Congratulations to our recipients who completed year 12 in 2016. We know that you worked hard to achieve your results and we hope you are inspired to dream big in the future.

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