Scholarship recipient embraces university and work placements with an eye on the future

Posted: Wed, 13th December 2017 | Written by: The Team at Western Chances

Jacquelyn Saldanha admits she used to be a lot more reserved and scared of trying new things. Now with a full study and work schedule she’s really coming out of her shell and embracing all facets of life.

Scholarship recipient embraces university and work placements with an eye on the future
photo: Doxa Chairman Graeme Johnson with scholarhsip recipient Jacquelyn Saldanha

It’s an extremely busy time for this first-year student. Not only is she studying a Bachelor of Laws and Commerce at Latrobe University, she is working not just one but two jobs at NAB and Woolworths.

“Learning to time-manage has probably been the best thing I’ve gotten out of juggling work, university, my cadetship and volunteer roles. However, the friendships and experiences which I have gained from putting myself out there, are so incredibly worth it.”

Jacquelyn received her first Western Chances scholarship when she was in Year 11  in 2015 when she was nominated by her teacher for academic excellence and her contribution to the school and wider community.  She is an active volunteer and also a UN Youth Facilitator. Jacquelyn has received funding for MYKI, textbooks and computer software

“Western Chances was there for me during some of the most difficult times in my life and supported me, encouraging me to strive and do my best. The scholarship has provided me the means to purchase extra resources I would not have been able to purchase by myself.  Western Chances believed in me and took a chance on me helping to motivate and watch me throughout my schooling years and for that I am eternally grateful.”

As part of the Western Chances Links program, Jacquelyn was referred to the Doxa Cadetship program, to undertake a challenging and immersive development experience.

“The Doxa Cadetship program is probably one of the biggest blessings in my life. The team at Doxa is the most supportive, loving and caring team and constantly mentor and guide their students assisting them to reach their full potential.

“I was lucky enough to be sponsored by JBWere who have constantly mentored and supported me through my transition from high school to university and through my internship. It is amazing to walk through the doors every morning and feel like you belong in an organisation brimming with opportunities and learning.”

Taking part in the Doxa Cadetship program at JBWere had a huge impact on Jacquelyn’s outlook and confidence to participate in work.

“Through an internship, you can gain a better understanding of the career path you want to go down as well as take an opportunity to network and be curious about your field. I absolutely loved my internship at JBWere, for me it just further confirmed what I want to do with my life and that through my studies, I will be one step closer to achieving that dream.”

Among the hard work at university and part time jobs, Jacquelyn has also discovered a new creative passion to explore.

“Currently I have immersed myself in learning how to cook. I love to try out new dishes and experiment with different flavours. That being said, they don’t always turn out well but through trial and error hopefully one day they’ll be up to scratch.

“In the past I was a lot more reserved and scared of trying new things, however since VCE I have actively tried to let go of that mindset and now full immerse myself in new experiences and activities.”

Jacquelyn is preparing to take her positive energy and enthusiasm for new ventures into the workplace when she’s completed her studies.

“After I finish university, I would love to work for a company like JBWere. During my cadetship I learnt that JBWere had a philanthropic team and working as a member of a team similar to that is now my end goal.

Western Chances is very proud of Jacquelyn and her achievements and thank all our supporters for making a difference to the life of a such a talented and motivated young person.

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