Scholarship recipient explores her passion for animal care

Posted: Wed, 31st January 2018 | Written by: The Team at Western Chances

Ebony Ayres’ dream of improving animal health is a step closer with the support of Western Chances.

Scholarship recipient explores her passion for animal care

Currently in the midst of a Bachelor of Science at The University of Melbourne, Sunshine local Ebony, is majoring in Animal Disease Biotechnology.

While her ambition and motivation played a huge part in getting Ebony to pursue her dream career, she did have concerns about the expenses that go along with university study. Concerns that Western Chances was happy to alleviate.

Ebony received her first Western Chances Scholarship in 2014 when she was undertaking Year 12. She was nominated by her Assistant Principal for academic excellence and has successfully had her scholarship renewed in 2015, 2016 and 2017.

“The Western Chances Scholarship allowed me to pay for transport to and from university, and it allowed me to buy all the textbooks I ever needed. Overall, Western Chances made getting an education much more stress-free, and meant that I didn't have to penny-pinch to buy the essentials.”

In addition to her scholarship, Ebony has also taken advantage of Western Chances’ connections in the wider community and was awarded a Mary Jane Lewis Scholarship.

“The Mary Jane Lewis Scholarship meant that I didn't have to worry about working during my university years, and allowed me to focus solely on getting an education. This means I can keep focusing on studying in the future, instead of worrying about getting the money to fund those studies.”

With animals close to her heart, it is no wonder Ebony is passionate about achieving the best results in her university course in animal health.

“For the future, my big dream is to work with animals and focus on their health and improvement. I love animals, and want to benefit them in any way that I can.”

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