Scholarship recipient finds courage to thrive in music performance

Posted: Fri, 9th March 2018 | Written by: The Team at Western Chances

Performing in a high school music production gave Tania Suesue such inspiration that she overcame her fears and passionately pursued her path toward a career in music.

Scholarship recipient finds courage to thrive in music performance

Tania is a 19-year-old student completing a Bachelor of Arts in Music at The Australian College of The Arts. Tania admits she was a bit of a rebellious high school student who had become disappointed with herself over the years.

“When I was in year 11, I convinced myself it was time to grow up and start working hard to really make something out of myself.”

Working independently throughout her last two years in high school, Tania amazed her teachers with her results, saying; “I gained all their support which I’m so grateful for up until this day”.

Western Chances is proud to have played a part in supporting Tania during this transformation. Tania received her first Western Chances scholarship when she was in Year 12 in 2016 when she was nominated by the school pathways coordinator for her contribution to the school community and her outstanding singing talents. She was awarded funding for MYKI, textbooks and musical equipment and was successful in having her scholarship renewed in 2017 as she continued to excel and commence her course at the Australian College of the Arts.

Tania’s impressive achievements surprised even her. Not knowing how to tell her family about this remarkable development, she kept news of her school results from them.

Imagine the delight among Tania’s family and friends at her Year 12 Graduation when they all learned how well she’d been doing, and that she was accepted into her university of choice. Tania’s surprise musical performance was icing on the cake.

Tania said she is beyond grateful for the difference that the Western Chances Scholarship has made to her life. “It has helped me with public transport, buying textbooks, musical equipment and helping to buy a laptop!“

Tania says that, even with some external help, the desire to succeed in the challenging performing arts world needs to come from within. Tania performed beautifully at the Western Chances Scholarship Award Ceremony in March 2017and also wowed the audience at the Melbourne Airport Stakeholder event at the MCG in September 2017

“The way I feel about performing is amazing. I am so passionate about it that I want to pursue it as a career. I must admit, I'm still nervous when I do perform but I know what I need to work on and with studying and performing all in one it really is starting to boost my confidence.”

Congratulations to Tania on overcoming your fears, working hard and being well on the way to achieving your dreams!

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