Scholarship recipient responds to One Young World call to action

Posted: Wed, 6th March 2019 | Written by: The Team at Western Chances

Grateful for new opportunities, Winta Eyob’s dream is to help others from marginalised communities become the best version of themselves. Becoming a One Young World ambassador gave Winta the skills, knowledge and motivation to activate and encourage young people in her community.

Scholarship recipient responds to One Young World call to action

Scholarship recipient, Winta Eyob, originally from Eritrea, finished high school in Kenya and arrived in Australia in November 2016. Whilst undertaking Actuarial Studies (Commerce) at Monash University, she is also interning at Macquarie Bank and working as a finance cadet at YGAP, a not for profit organisation. She loves volunteering and she loves travelling. With Western Chances' support, Winta attended the One Young World Summit in The Netherlands. It was an opportunity not to be missed, with the chance to learn from many influential and high profile people. Over 1800 delegates were present, representing 196 countries from all over the world.

“During the four day intensive sessions and workshops, we tackled different topics including refugee crises, sexual violence, human rights, young people and politics, poverty alleviation and economic development, digital revolution, democracy and improving governance, entrepreneurship, sustainability and social change, the power of knowledge and investing in education, and ending institutionalisation of children, among others.

“We heard from sustainability advocates, public health heroes, young millionaires, social entrepreneurs, Silicon valley tech geniuses, disability inclusion advocates, human and child rights activist, terrorism fighters, Nobel peace prize winners and so much more.”

Winta was thrilled to build a life-long connection with a network of amazing young people.“We heard from top industry leaders and CEOs but the highlight for me was meeting young leaders and like-minded delegates from around the world. We were able to connect, share our experience and discuss different topics, challenges and how we are addressing them in different parts of the world. And I was filled with so much hope and courage knowing the future of our planet is impacted by these 1800 young leaders.”

As well as the incredible opportunity to travel to The Netherlands in Europe for the One Young World Summit, Winta says Western Chances is playing a big role in her future direction. “It helps me in my financial struggles during my education and that really helps me to concentrate on my studies without worrying about my financial constraints.”

Winta received her first Western Chances scholarship when she was in her first year of tertiary studies when she was nominated by the Spectrum Migrant Resource Centre as a talented mathematician who is also a smart, driven and committed young woman, who takes every opportunity that comes her way. She was awarded funds to purchase a tertiary MYKI and cover home internet fees. Winta was successful in having her scholarship renewed and has received funding to cover textbooks, a calculator, stationary, MYKI and internet fees.

“It is great to know that someone not only believes in you, but also is willing to help you succeed in life and Western Chances is a good example. Knowing this, pushes me to work even harder and unleash my potential and encourage others to do the same.”

Winta has a keen sense of adventure, and counts volunteering, reading and learning new things as her main interests. “Whenever I see any of these opportunities, I definitely go for it. Australia, I call it the land of opportunities, since I didn’t have what I have now, just a couple of years back. My hobbies were just dreams. But now, I’m lucky enough to do what was just a dream back then.”

Winta considers herself fortunate to do some adventuring, including sailing for ten days with Member of Parliament Tim Watt in the Young Endeavour program. She also hiked the Kokoda Track in Papua New Guinea for ten days with Victoria Police, learning about war times between Australia and Japan. “Volunteering is my passion - I volunteer in different organisations as a youth advisor, administrative assistant and a team leader.”

Winta has a lot of dreams, beginning with her career goal of finishing her advanced studies and becoming an Actuary. “My overall dream is to make the world a better place. Now, that might sound too clichéd, but really, what’s more satisfying than helping others to become the best version of themselves? Specifically, I know there are many young adults and youth, from marginalised communities locked inside their homes for different reasons. I want to reach them, help and encourage them to achieve their full potential. Here in Melbourne, in my community, we have a youth and young adults group, a platform that helps us to reach our marginalised brothers and sisters, encouraging and helping them to come out from living a life behind shadows. Everyone deserves a decent life. I am fortunate enough and grateful to have a life full of opportunities and friends. I call it blessings, and everyone deserves it.”

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