Scholarship recipient strengthens resolve to achieve global impact

Posted: Sat, 7th October 2017 | Written by: The Western Chances Team

Having overcome a disappointing setback, Danielle Farah remains fixed on her goal of achieving global impact.

Scholarship recipient strengthens resolve to achieve global impact

The last time we spoke to scholarship recipient Danielle Farah, she was eagerly anticipating an exciting opportunity to travel to Uganda with the Global Youth Ambassador program.

Her vision was to connect with communities in need, supporting the work of local community organisations alongside other international volunteers. The program was unfortunately cut due to an overall funding shortfall, and Danielle was compelled to refund the generous donations made to her campaign.

Showing her resilience, Danielle remains unfazed in her resolution to be a part of a global movement for positive change. Although disappointed, she told us, “I will, however, continue my overseas volunteering with the Global Volunteering Network.”

Continuing on her courageous path, Danielle took part in the Lady Somers “Big Camp”. The Lord and Lady Somers Camp is part of the Western Chances Links Program, enabling young people to develop communication and leadership skills, improve decision-making abilities, and increase self-confidence and self-esteem through participation in diverse group activities.

“Lady Somers is an experience that you cannot put into words. It is definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity with many surprises and memorable moments.”

Thriving while pursuing her education and career goals, Danielle is on track for a bright future with university in her sights.

“I hope to enter a Law and Criminology degree next year at university.

“Western Chances has given me the opportunity to further develop within my community, which I may have not been able to do otherwise. It has benefitted my education by breaking some of the barriers that I've faced and expanded my opportunities and choices.”

Danielle received her first Western Chances scholarship when she was in Year 10 in 2015 when she was nominated by Brimbank Youth Services as an emerging young leader. She was awarded an annual MYKI, a specialist calculator and funds to purchase textbooks. Danielle was successful in having her scholarship renewed in 2016 and again in 2017 when she received funding to buy textbooks, a MYKI, pay for printing and assist with her home internet bills.

And of the big dream Danielle shared with us last time, “to live for today”?

“My dream has definitely remained the same, and I live by this very closely. I always aim to seize the moment that I am presented and take each opportunity as though it was my last.”

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