Scholarship recipient leads by example

Posted: Mon, 24th September 2018 | Written by: The Team at Western Chances

Jemmah Nix is a dedicated scholarship recipient who decided to forgo hockey-playing this year in favour of studying hard for the best chance at university. Jemmah’s studies are important to her, as she strives for a career in public health.

Scholarship recipient leads by example

Jemmah is a Year 12 student preparing to graduate this year from Hoppers Crossing Secondary College. She’s studying English, Further Maths, Chemistry, Biology and Legal Studies, and had completed year 12 Health and Human Development while in year 11.

Jemmah proudly received an award at her school’s recent honours night. Alongside her academic achievement, she also finds it important to maintain a school-life balance.

“This year I am trying to focus hard on my studies to ensure I have the best possible chance at getting accepted into university. I also like to keep fit and, prior to this year, I played Hockey as a goalkeeper and loved it. I took a year off this year to focus on my studies. To make up for the lack of hockey in my life I go down and support my sister in her games and I continue to stay a part of the Hockey community.”

Jemmah’s outstanding academic ability and strong leadership skills saw her nominated for her first Western Chances scholarship when she was in Year 9 in 2015. She was awarded $1000 to contribute towards payments for a school netbook and textbooks. Jemmah was successful in having her scholarship renewed in 2016, 2017 and again in 2018 and has received funding for printing, stationery, photocopying, textbooks and a laptop for university.

“My Western Chances scholarship has meant that I am able to afford and have access to all of the resources I need to help me be successful in my studies; it has also helped to relieve the stress from my family in terms of reducing the financial burden that education can sometimes cause.”

Jemmah recently attended the Western Metropolitan Partnership Youth Forum which built on the leadership skills she had been growing since participating in the Trinity Young Leaders Program and Lady Somers Camp through Western Chances.

“The Youth Forum was amazing because I was able to voice my opinions on matters which I actually believed in, not opinions that I believed adults would want to hear. The supportive environment that all of the other attendees created was special in that everyone listened to what everyone had to say. We would find ourselves adding to the ideas of others, and formulating real arguments and proposals of what we, as representatives of Victoria’s youth, wanted to see happen in our communities.”

Through the Western Chances Links program Jemmah has extended herself in personal development programs. She says taking part in Trinity College’s Young Leaders Program in July 2017 helped to solidify her dream of pursuing a career in the medical industry.

“Western chances also provided me with the opportunity to be 1 out of 100 girls in the country to attend Lady Somers Camp which ran for one week in January 2018. This program was truly life changing. I learnt better ways to display and show courage and leadership, whilst also learning new things and testing myself beyond my limits.”

Jemmah’s big dream includes travelling the world as a fully qualified nurse, learning from best practice health systems so she can help improve the health systems in developing countries.

“I would also like to use my leadership skills to show other young leaders ways in which they can not only better themselves and their capabilities, but also ways they can help their communities.”

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