Scholarship student has big dreams to tackle inequality and discrimination

Posted: Tue, 4th June 2019 | Written by: Western Chances

Performance poet and law student, Kozzi, was inspired to help others after coming to Australia as an asylum seeker.

Scholarship student has big dreams to tackle inequality and discrimination

Madhab Kharel (Kozzi) is a fourth year student completing a double degree in Law and Arts at Deakin University. Originally from Nepal, Kozzi’s experience seeking asylum in Australia drew him to law.

“I wanted to study law because I believe it is the best way I can help others.”

Kozzi credits Western Chances for helping him achieve his goals. His Western Chances scholarship reduces financial stress and allows him to spend time pursuing his passions, such as producing his own music. The scholarship also helps Kozzi with the purchase of study resources.

“The Western Chances scholarship has had a significant impact on my education. It has helped by providing material resources like books and a computer.  Having this scholarship meant I spend more time studying, instead of working or looking for work, so I’ve been able to better retain knowledge.”

Kozzi has a desire to contribute to the community and this inspired him to become a Brimbank Youth Ambassador. His experience at Brimbank has taught him about the diverse struggles facing young people.

“Being involved in these youth-oriented projects has been an enriching experience. I have learned a lot about the issues affecting youth today, specifically relating to mental health, family breakdowns, financial circumstances and drug and alcohol abuse.”

Kozzi has worked on exciting projects at Brimbank: “I have been part of several projects. For example, I had a great learning experience collaborating with SBS and the Foundation for Young Australians.  This involved working with young people from lower socio-economic backgrounds, who produced short documentaries as part of National Youth Week.”

In the future Kozzi hopes he will be able to travel overseas and explore different cultures and ways of life. 

“After completing my studies I want to work with international government and non-government organizations, to help tackle issues of poverty and discrimination of all kinds. My ultimate goal is to run for public office.”

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