Learning and working in Texas

Posted: Thu, 5th December 2019

Scholarship recipient Caitlin Nix is currently on an exchange in Texas!

Learning and working in Texas

One of Caitlin Nix’s favourite experiences of Western Chances is the time she spoke to donors and learned more about what drives them to donate. Always eager to share her story, she loved the opportunity to talk about the impact believing in and taking a chance on someone can have.

“Western Chances has provided me with money for textbooks, a computer and funds for a VET program. I don’t believe I would have done as well at school without the help and support I received from Western Chances...when I am a teacher in the future I hope to give students the same opportunities I had through this amazing organisation.”

Caitlin is studying a Bachelor of Education at Victoria University and thanks to a Western Chances Pursuit Award is currently on exchange at The University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP). UTEP is known for being close to the Mexican border, and is a vibrant bi-national community.

“This exchange is different from many others, as it guarantees paid employment for up to 19 hours a week.  I am employed in the Study Abroad office. My favourite experience so far has been a weekend trip to New Mexico in Albuquerque, when a group of friends and I went to the world’s largest hot air balloon festival...”

The exchange program has also made Caitlin step outside of her comfort zone and learn more about herself.  “I’ve loved making many new friends from all around the world. I have conversations with people who notice my accent and I have made so many new friends this way. I have also learnt a lot about living independently. I live in the student dorms on campus and have to do almost everything myself, which has been a challenge but I have been doing well.”

Caitlin hopes her future holds many more experiences abroad.  “My dream is to graduate and become a teacher and eventually travel to and live in different countries and teach there. I want to be able to tick nearly every single country off my list by the time I retire... I would like to do some work in developing countries but also in developed countries to truly experience education and culture in every single country.”

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