Trinity Young Leaders Program

Posted: Fri, 2nd August 2019

A big thank you to our generous donor Gourlay Charitable Trust and Trinity College (the University of Melbourne) for providing our recipients with the opportunity to attend the Trinity College Young Leaders Program.

Trinity Young Leaders Program

The program provides students with the chance to live on campus and interact with like-minded young leaders through lectures, workshops and mentoring, tailored to various academic streams.

On day one of the program Western Chances recipient Akon Chol was identified by the mentors at Trinity as the potential Valedictorian. Ultimately he was the unanimous choice. When he was announced valedictorian at the Valedictory Dinner he received a standing ovation from the 150 people present. Most of those present were his fellow participants and he received another standing ovation at the conclusion of his speech.

Take a look at this selected feedback from our recipients:

• … I had so much fun and made life-long friendships…The mentors were super nice and supportive …Overall, the program gave me an understanding of what it would be like to live on campus and study at Melbourne University…I learned a lot in the workshops and I came out of the program knowing exactly what I want to do in the future.

• … the experience was one of the most memorable and beautiful moments of 2019… I loved the diversity, I loved the food and I absolutely loved Dr Mureen (the Social Justice programmer) … Overall, I can't wait to finish my school and to volunteer as a mentor teacher!   Thanks for programming YLP!

• … an amazing experience. My highlights were being able to do different activities which allowed me to create bonds with the other students and make amazing memories.
I also appreciate the ability to increase my social network, I can now say I've got friends around the globe!
There were never any low points during the week…

• The program was great, fun and inspiring. It was … a wonderful experience, meeting new people from different countries and working together as a team. I am so grateful to Western Chances for giving me the opportunity to socialise, interact and meet new friends…It was a great chance to look at the career pathway I’m interested in (Bio-med) and it’s given me some strategies and skills... I now feel capable of achieving more due to the program...

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