Volunteer and keen golfer finds sweet spot assessing scholarship applications

Posted: Tue, 15th May 2018 | Written by: The Team at Western Chances

Retired school principal and keen golfer, Gabrielle Keating, contributes her time and expertise to Western Chances as a scholarship application assessor. It’s a role she greatly values.

Volunteer and keen golfer finds sweet spot assessing scholarship applications

Gabrielle’s experience and insight for reviewing scholarship applications comes from a long career in education. And just like she plays by the rules for a round of golf, Gabrielle applies a set of criteria to determine eligibility in each round of applications.

“Students must meet the two criteria of need and talent. That is, scholarships are awarded only to students who come from a background of disadvantage. The scholarships aim to address the difficulties students face financially in achieving their educational goals. The students must also show a talent and commitment to study.  The talent may be academic, the arts and/or leadership.”

Gabrielle’s eagle eyes can spot the best candidates, even in the rough. To Gabrielle, it’s not about who has the highest marks. She observes the qualities that reflect a student is ready to make the best of the scholarship opportunity.

“I also look for students who have shown a commitment to their community, have shown initiative and who are prepared to do extra to achieve their goals.”

Gabrielle has had plenty of practice at developing young talent, having pursued her love of teaching from an early age. She completed a Bachelor of Arts and Diploma of Education at Melbourne University before commencing teaching at Sunshine North Technical School in 1973. Her career highlights included teaching for two years in London. Primarily a mathematics teacher, Gabrielle finished her career in education as a Campus Principal at Sunshine College.

Retirement from teaching has enabled Gabrielle to devote more time to her passions, including volunteering and golf.

“Since my retirement I have worked as a reader and presenter on Vision Australia Radio, volunteer and Guide at the Old Treasury Building, and as a Rules Official for Golf Victoria.”

Being one of the volunteers involved in the assessments since the early days of Western Chances Gabrielle feels the scholarship assessment process has become very much streamlined and is successful in recognising and rewarding deserving applicants.

“I believe that the difference the scholarships have made to deserving young people is invaluable and I am constantly inspired by the young scholarship holders, many of whom have achieved great successes against extreme adversity.”

Do you know a young person ready to “tee off” on their education journey? Or are you a young person with the drive to “follow-through” on your commitments? Find out more about Western Chances scholarships here.

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