Western Chances and Melbourne Airport: Celebrating 10 years together

Posted: Wed, 5th December 2018 | Written by: The Team at Western Chances

Western Chances is proud to acknowledge the long-term commitment from our Major Corporate Partner, Melbourne Airport. Thank you to Chief Executive Officer Lyell Strambi for committing to a further three years of support and thank you to Melbourne Airport for generously supporting Western Chances for the past 10 years.

Western Chances and Melbourne Airport: Celebrating 10 years together

Melbourne Airport has been a huge part of our journey and the impact of their support has been far reaching. At a recent function held at Melbourne Zoo, Melbourne Airport extended their partnership with Western Chances for a further three years, which will fund approximately 500 annual scholarships. Western Chances board and staff are also extremely grateful to the team at Melbourne Airport for organising and hosting such a great function.

The support provided by Melbourne Airport extends far beyond the financial. The airport provides access to high quality experiences at some of Melbourne’s iconic venues for alumni and scholarship recipients. Through Melbourne Airport our recipients and alumni have been offered job opportunities, speaking gigs at corporate events and have been invited to perform at venues such as the MCG. Melbourne Airport staff and guests are also regular attendees at the Western Chances Scholarship Award Ceremony and Good Business Forum.

Check out this video to see Western Chances alumna Olympia, front and centre greeting guests and escorting Kate Ceberano to the podium, at the Melbourne Airport Stakeholder event last month.  Olympia is working full time as a Communications Assistant in Corporate & Public Affairs at Melbourne Airport.


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