Western Chances Board Update - September 2016

Posted: Mon, 5th September 2016 | Written by: Mimi Huynh and Celia Tran

This is the first in a new series of stories direct from the Western Chances Board.

Western Chances Board Update - September 2016

The Western Chances Board of Management is made up of community leaders with a variety of expertise. It’s their job to make sure that Western Chances is achieving its mission. That means staying on top of finances, making sure that we adhere to all legal requirements and helping to set the strategic objectives of the organisation.

This year the Board welcomed us as their two newest members and the first Western Chances alumni board members.

The experience at our first board meeting was eye opening and we are keen to share what we’ve learnt as well as regularly sharing important news from the Board.

We thought we would kick off this series of posts sharing our thoughts post our first meeting

Our first meeting was…

Mimi: Eye opening - it was actually quite fascinating watching a bunch of very intelligent people from such a diverse business background come together to brainstorm and implement business ideas. I love how holistic it was. I'm a health professional and this reminded me of when different doctors from an array of specialties come together to treatment plan a case. 

Celia: It was great! Initially I was a bit nervous, but everyone on the Board was so welcoming and supportive. I really enjoyed it, and look forward to attending the next one.

We learnt…

Mimi: How incredibly committed everybody is to the cause of Western Chances and how they put in so much blood and sweat to ensure that Western Chances continues to thrive and sustain itself.

Celia: There is so much hard work and dedication that actually happens behind the scenes which we don't see in running Western Chances. Staff, volunteers, supporters have all contributed so much and really deserve to be recognised!

We’re excited about…

Mimi: The Alumni Community Program - I'm interested in seeing its growth and influence on the charity but also on Melbourne’s west.

Celia: I'm excited about the Alumni Community Program and its potential to reach thousands of Western Chances alumni to create a supportive community of like minded individuals. I'm also very excited to see how I can contribute to the Board and Western Chances in general in future meetings. 

You can read more about Western Chances Board members here.

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