Western Chances alumni and tertiary recipient networking event

Posted: Fri, 19th October 2018 | Written by: The Team at Western Chances

The first Western Chances Alumni and Recipient Networking Event was a resounding success. There was so much positive energy in the room as our alumni and tertiary recipients gathered with corporate supporters to make new connections and share dreams of their future.

Western Chances alumni and tertiary recipient networking event

We all know that Western Chances scholarship recipients are committed, motivated and determined to achieve their best as they progress through secondary school and tertiary studies.  To continue the journey, our holistic support program aims to help our recipients use their existing knowledge and provide support and connections as they transition to the workforce.

Western Chances has an extensive network of business and industry partners who certainly know a thing or two about establishing careers across a broad variety of fields. As with all our supporters, the invitees jumped at the chance to provide additional support to scholarship recipients and alumni.

The event was a great opportunity for young people to build their networks with both peers and professionals. They were able to pick the brains of a friendly and welcoming crowd of industry experts and business people. Our supporters were only too happy to help our young people recognise where their achievements had brought them so far and to chat about their own journeys and help further career options.

We would like to thank everyone who attended to support Western Chances scholarship recipients and alumni. We know the young aspiring professionals made the most of the chance to develop their career potential. Thank you especially to the event host, Nation Partners, for providing an exceptional venue, amazing food and a huge staff and guest contingent. Thank you also to our recipient photographer Gemma Saunders and please have a look at her website and contact Gemma if you need a professional photographer.

As we say at Western Chances - talent is everywhere; opportunity is not. These additional opportunities are welcomed and enjoyed by both supporters and members of the Western Chances family.

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