Western Chances scholarship recipient dancing towards a bright future

Posted: Sat, 11th February 2017 | Written by: The Team at Western Chances

From Yarraville to the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art, Western Chances recipient Felix Palmerson is a contemporary dancer who is beginning to find success away from home.

Western Chances scholarship recipient dancing towards a bright future

As a western suburbs local, Felix Palmerson received her first scholarship from Western Chances in 2008 and nine years later she is still a current scholarship recipient. The initial scholarship enabled Felix to begin taking private dance classes, something she had previously only dreamed of. Those lessons have led her to her current course, studying dance full time in Brisbane at Queensland University.

Despite being away from her home, Felix is thriving in Queensland.

“I was always quite independent growing up and I believe moving out of home has been a great thing for me. It really allowed me to be fully invested in my studies and take responsibility for how well I did at university,” she says.

As well as studying at QUT, Felix is a paid dancer at the Queensland Art Gallery & Gallery of Modern Art. The gallery hires dancers to take part in art projects throughout the year.

“I am currently in a project involving 60 dancers, which will be performed at GOMA’s 10th anniversary celebrations. ‘Heard’ is all about activating incredible works of art by American artist, Nick Cave. They are sound-suits in the shape of horses and are completely covered in vibrant-coloured raffia that swings and moves when the dancers move inside. The show has been performed all over the world so it feels great to be part of it.”



While Felix says that Queensland is starting to feel like home, she doesn’t rule out more travel. After successfully crowdfunding a trip to dance in Europe last year, she can’t wait to go back.

“I was so overwhelmed by the support I got during my fundraising and I couldn’t have asked for a better overseas trip. While I was there I attended company classes with some of the most incredible dance companies and could observe them in rehearsal as well. I also travelled to several different countries to partake in workshops with choreographers and dancers that I’ve heard so much about from my research, but who haven’t come out to Australia.”

For now, though, Felix is content to focus on her studies, but has some big dreams for the future.

“I try not to narrow things down too far ahead because I still have so much growth and learning to do and I like to be open to anything. However, performing is definitely what I am most passionate about and I’d love to have the opportunity to tour internationally someday.”

Image courtesy Felix Palmerson

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