Young scholarship recipient’s personal development inspired by Western Chances community connections

Posted: Fri, 13th April 2018 | Written by: The Team at Western Chances

Recently, Braybrook College student and Western Chances scholarship recipient Krystal Tran attended the life-changing Trinity Young Leaders program.

Young scholarship recipient’s personal development inspired by Western Chances community connections

A dedicated student with a fascination for people and psychology, Krystal has loved learning since she was young.

“Learning has been one of my favourite things,” she says “and it is something I want to continue on with for a long time.”

Krystal is currently completing year 12, studying a range of subjects including English, Biology, Psychology, Health and Human Development, and Maths. Her  learning doesn’t stop there, outside of school she enjoys drawing, exercising, reading and listening to music.

Krystal received her first Western Chances Scholarship in Year 11 in 2017 when she was nominated by the Year 11 coordinator as an academically gifted student. Krystal is a part of the school leadership team and also works extremely hard to maintain her results. She was awarded funding to purchase a lap top and textbooks. the Krystal has been nominated again for a renewal scholarship in 2018 and would like funds to purchase text books and a Year 12 jacket.

“Receiving a Western Chances Scholarship was the perfect source of motivation I needed. It allowed me to be more prepared for year 12 in terms of stationery and textbooks. The experiences that Western Chances offer have also impacted me in many other aspects other than just educational. I was introduced to a wonderful community that is full of people who continue to inspire me with their passions and care for others. With a Western Chances scholarship, I know that my dreams aren't so far away.”

Krystal recently took part in the Trinity Young Leaders program, an experience she gained through the Western Chances Links program, which she says had a significant impact.

“I was a part of the bio-medicine stream and it was so thrilling to spend one whole week dedicated to exploring that, we also had heaps of fun doing things such as rock climbing and a movie night. Through the program I was able to meet amazing people who have become my friends for life. The people I met at YLP and all the organised activities have encouraged me to develop into a much more confident person. It is definitely an experience I can't describe in words.”

Having had the chance to develop her own views on leadership through the program, Krystal believes a good leader is someone who is passionate about a cause, not just issuing commands.

“A leader is someone who will take the time to discuss and consider everyone's point of view equally and will always have everyone's best interest at mind. They are the person that impacts and inspires people - not just in the moment but will continue to have an impact that lasts a lifetime.”

Krystal’s experience has set her on a path of lifelong learning and personal development. She is keen to share her insights about the human experience with others.

“In the future, my dream is to be able to help people in any way that I can. I love to learn about people and their complexities so I'm currently looking at studying Psychology or mental health nursing.”

We think Krystal is well on her way to achieving her dream and look forward to continuing our support for her into the future.

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